Another Member Joins the Band…

As it does not happen very often, we are particularly excited to announce that Margaret (Gaby) Malone has joined the firm as a senior associate, adding yet another important member to the Flare Capital team. While the pandemic has created unique challenges, we are even more excited about our investment strategy today than before COVID (and we were super excited back then) to address a number of the acute issues confronting the healthcare system. Expect us to continue to add to the team in important ways as we navigate this new “abnormal.”

Margaret’s passion for the business of healthcare is reflected in her professional experiences and her academic work. After nearly six years of working with early stage healthcare technology start-ups as an investor and advisor, Margaret earned her MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Notably, we have already worked with her for over a year as she was a Flare Scholar (more below) in the great Class of 2019 and was with our terrific co-investor (7Wire Ventures) when we together invested in higi, a leading telehealth company based in Chicago. Before all of that, Margaret received her BA in Medicine, Health and Society from Vanderbilt University.

There were two other elements of her background that resonated with us, even more so now given the current healthcare crisis. Margaret has significant experience advising providers, having worked with a number of leading academic medical centers to re-architect clinical workflows. Additionally, she has a keen interest in building highly functioning executive teams given her focus on human capital; undoubtedly, she learned all of that at another one of our favorite firms – Oxeon Partners. She will be a lightning rod for the next generation of great healthcare technology entrepreneurs.

Actually, there was one thing that made me nervous. We use our initials internally when referring to each other so I was pleased to learn that “MG2” would be getting married this summer and slightly modifying her name.

Please welcome M(G)M to the firm.

Quick update on our Flare Scholars program and our recently launched, Flare Scholar Ventures. Earlier this year we announced the commitment to invest a portion of our new fund in the pre-seed rounds of Flare Scholar sponsored projects. Today we have over 150 Flare Scholars, who are younger brilliant passionate emerging healthcare technology entrepreneurs. We would not be surprised, in fact excited, if this initiative did not directly lead to the formation of a dozen or more exciting cutting-edge new companies in relatively short order. Last week we closed on our first Flare Scholar Ventures investment – we wish Susan Conover and the entire LuminDx team all the best. And there are a number of others in pipeline, following closely behind.


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2 responses to “Another Member Joins the Band…

  1. Jon Swanson

    Michael-Congrats on the exciting addition to your already robust team!

    Hope you and yours are enjoying a great Summer despite the craziness!

    Oh, Jim Flanigon sends his best!


    The Swanson Group

    Marketing & Technology Recruiting Services

    W. Jon Swanson

    w 617-241-7624

    c 617-571-8786


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