Flare Capital Team Expands – Yet Again…

Today we are thrilled to welcome Parth Desai to the Flare Capital investment team as a Senior Associate. As a partnership we will make literally hundreds of decisions together every year but the decision to add to the team is a profoundly important one and one that is infrequently done. Parth’s background makes him almost uniquely prepared to help us right away.

Most recently, Parth was with the investment team at New York Presbyterian Hospital, focused on a wide array of innovative solutions to improve both the quality and the ability to access care while driving improved patient outcomes. Prior to his time there, he spent nearly five years at Deloitte Consulting advising provider systems as they re-architected their care models, often to arrange novel risk-bearing arrangements. Right after graduate school, Parth was a Health Policy Analyst for the Massachusetts House of Representatives, where he worked on critical oversight legislation to oversee the pharmaceutical industry.

What also struck us was his deep commitment to be in Boston. In addition to having “BOS” in his personal email address, Parth earned his Master of Arts in Clinical Medicine and a Master of Public Health in Health Management and Policy, both from Boston University, as well as graduating from Boston College with a BS in Biology. Admittedly, we pushed back hard when he asked if we could somehow work “Boston” into the name of the firm.

There is another important dimension to Parth joining the firm. He is a member of the great Flare Scholar Class of 2018. He is well known to us and joins Vic Lanio as the second Flare Scholar to join the firm. Since inception there are now 109 former and current Flare Scholars, who tend to be younger healthcare technology executives and academics from across the country. What unites them is their passion about the transformation of the business of healthcare. Many of our Scholars are from our strategic investors while others are studying at leading graduate schools around the country. Serving as our “ambassadors” back in their home markets, the Scholars assist with diligence but also identify emerging talent who may want to work in many of our portfolio companies or launch the next great start-up.

Please welcome Parth to the team…

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