Plus One – Flare Team Expands…

Investment partnerships make many decisions together – many are small and relatively inconsequently decisions while others are more profound and impactful. Together we will make dozens of investment decisions over the course of any given fund, but we will only make a few personnel decisions. So, with great anticipation, we are excited to announce that Sarah Sossong has joined Flare Capital Partners as a Principal.

For nearly two decades, Sarah has been in the middle of the transformation of healthcare, most recently as the Senior Director for the Center of Telehealth at Massachusetts General Hospital for the past six years, where she was in middle of launching several novel care delivery solutions. Previously, Sarah was managing a wide range of innovative healthcare technology projects at Kaiser Permanente for seven years. But it does not stop there: she is also super smart having graduated from Princeton University magna cum laude and then earning a master’s degree in health policy and management at the University of California at Berkeley. An amazing combination of practical work experience and academic research.

The privileged position in the venture capital industry is one of thought leadership. We want great entrepreneurs to look for us as hard as we are looking for them. Great investors provide important insights for entrepreneurs about product development roadmaps and where markets are heading, in addition to all the other roles – help recruit great executives, identify important early customers, engage other investors. Sarah’s industry breadth will push our thinking on where these markets are heading. Her depth of understanding of the emerging new business models and novel technologies that are coming to market is exceptional. She will be a lightning rod for great people and great ideas.

Please welcome Sarah to the team…

And a quick update on our Flare Scholar program which has continued to expand in exciting ways. To date, we have 65 current and former Scholars who are young healthcare technology executives and academics from across the country, all passionate about the transformation of the business of healthcare. Many of our Scholars are from our strategic investors while others are studying at leading graduate schools around the country and overseas. Serving as our “ambassadors” back on their home turfs, the Scholars assist with diligence but also identify emerging talent who may want to work in many of our portfolio companies or launch the next great start-up. Notably, five of our Scholars have joined portfolio companies in important roles and our Senior Associate, Vic Lanio, was in the great Flare Scholar Class of 2016.

Stay tuned as we continue to expand the Flare posse…

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