Related Events?

As a partnership, we will make a few dozen investment decisions across any given fund and as a group we will make hundreds of other decisions together in simply running the firm day in, day out. When it comes to expanding the team though, that is a very different matter. Venture firms add very few people so each addition is a big deal.

And as such, we are very excited that Vic Lanio has joined Flare Capital as a Senior Associate. What initially struck all of us about Vic was his passion for the “business of healthcare” and how he was thinking about the implications of the transformation we are all now witnessing. Vic’s depth of understanding of the emerging new business models and novel technologies that are coming to market is exceptional. The fact that he has worked for a handful of successful healthcare technology companies was critical. When those experiences are married to both classic consulting experience (McKinsey) and top-shelf academic credentials (MIT, Boston College), we felt we had a winner. It also did not hurt that Vic is a Flare Scholar alum from the great Class of 2016, so he was someone we knew well.

Coincidentally, the same day Vic joined the firm, StartUp Health published its Mid-Year Insights Report – a “must read” for anyone operating in the healthcare technology sector. It is a wealth of industry data, covering important themes and providing funding data. We were quite pleased to be ranked as the third most active venture firm year-to-date, listed alongside several world-class investors.

 Top Investors 2017 for blog (002)

As much as we think about Vic and his tremendous potential with the firm as an investor, sadly we had to tell him that these were unrelated events!

Please join us in welcoming Vic to Flare Capital.



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3 responses to “Related Events?

  1. Great addition to a great firm.

  2. Great to see Flare ranked highly on this list! Congratulations on adding Vic to the team as well. Sounds like valuable addition!

  3. Kath

    Congratulations! Great addition!

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