Flare Team Expands…

As a team at Flare Capital we will make dozens and dozens of investment decisions together, but when we look to add to the team, well, those are decisions we will only make a few times. Fortunately, given who we have just added, those decisions were really easy to make.

Today we announced the addition of three new members to the expanded Flare Capital team. Dr. Gary Gottlieb, who currently serves at CEO of Partners In Health (PIH) and previously was CEO of Partners HealthCare, will also serve as an Executive Partner with us. Gary has run some of the most important hospitals in the country, and in his current role at PIH, is driving advanced healthcare technologies in some of the most troubled geographies in the world. Gary will provide important insights into where providers may be heading and will be an enormous resource to the teams at many of our portfolio companies.

Phyllis Gotlib is also joining as an Executive Partner. She has the distinction of having started and scaled one of the most successful healthcare technology companies, iMDsoft, which was a leader in provider-based solutions. In addition to being an extraordinary lightning rod for great entrepreneurial talent, Phyllis has an unrivaled network in Israel and other important overseas markets. We are particularly excited about the insights she will provide as our portfolio companies scale.

Additionally, we are honored to have Jonathan Gruber serve as Chair of our Industry Advisory Board (IAB). Jonathan has been at MIT for nearly 25 years as a professor of economics, but perhaps more importantly was one of the key architects of much of the healthcare reform which is framing the forces at work across healthcare today. To be successful investors in such a complex and nuanced industry such as healthcare, it is critical to deeply appreciate the regulatory landscape, so who better to help with that than the person who authored much of what we see today. Jonathan also provides an important voice on our IAB, which today numbers 20 industry leaders from all corners of healthcare.

And as we had previewed last fall, our Flare Scholars program is up and very much running. We have 17 young healthcare technology executives and academics from across the country, all passionate about the transformation of the business of healthcare. Many join us from some of our strategic investors while others are studying at leading graduate schools around the US. Serving as our “ambassadors” back on their home turf, the Scholars assist with diligence but also identify emerging talent who may want to work in many of our portfolio companies or launch the next great start-up.

This transformation of healthcare that we are witnessing now is complicated and touches all geographies of the country. As such, we look to build a team that can uniquely exploit these changes. The collision of profound change and exciting innovation will lead to the creation of important and valuable new healthcare technology companies, which will significantly improve care for all. And that is why, quite simply, we are adding to the team in such important ways to assist us in investing our new $200 million fund.



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2 responses to “Flare Team Expands…

  1. Great team of influencers. Critically important when trying to get things done in the healthcare market. No other VC firm has such a powerful line up.

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