An Interesting List….

Every year for the last nineteen years I have spent the final week of the year with a dozen of my closest friends (now there are also 14 children in our group) – some of these people have grown up to be real serious business executives! We reflect on the year just concluded and then prognosticate about the next 365 days. There is always a lot of smack talk which makes for a very entertaining week. One of my closest friends in the group is a senior partner at a leading Wall Street firm. The list below – much of it collected from various experts across his firm – captures many of the highlights for 2013. It is actually quite bullish – and not all of it is business related. Enjoy!

  •  The stock market did not turn negative (on a rolling YTD basis) at any point this year; that has only happened ten times since 1928
  • The total return of S&P since the March 2009 lows is 202% 
  • S&P added $3.7 trillion of market capitalization in 2013 to reach $16.4 trillion
  • US companies will earn close to $2 trillion this year, up 250% since 2000 
  • Excluding financial companies, US corporate cash balances are up 70% since 2007 
  • Twenty years ago, only 200 S&P companies repurchased stock; in 2013 that number was 425
  • Approximately $1.3 trillion of capital flowed into bond funds with 10-year notes yielding less than 3%
  • Global private equity dry powder is estimated to be $404 billion 
  • Rough math: the trend of household formation is 1.2 million units/year with nearly 300k of demolitions, which means that we need to build around 1.5 million homes (housing starts are running around 900k)
  • Texas is now producing more oil than the US imports from the Middle East 
  • Average value of farm real estate in the US has nearly doubled since 2005
  • The FDIC has taken control of nearly 500 banks since the financial crisis began in 2008 
  • Warren Buffett’s overall gain from 1964 through 2012 is 586,817% while the S&P increased 7,433%
  • EBAY sells nearly 10,000 cars a week on its mobile app
  • Over 400 million cups of coffee are consumed each day in the US 
  • Americans work 8.5 more hours per week than they did in 1979
  • From the 1992 highs, Chinese stocks are up ~ 50% while US stocks are up ~380%; over that same time period, Chinese GDP has grown 17 fold  while US GDP has grown 1.7 fold
  • Over 50% of start-up companies in Silicon Valley were founded by immigrants
  • The European Central Bank hiked rates in 2008 and 2011 – true story 
  • The Eurostoxx 600 index (SXXP) is up 17 of the past 19 months 
  • The corporate tax rate in Japan is 50% yet 70% of Japanese companies don’t pay taxes
  • Most all-time playoff wins by an NFL quarterback – Tom Brady (17)
  • Most all-time playoff losses by an NFL quarterback – Peyton Manning (11) 


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