Shooting a Nail Gun with the Governor

Did you know that February 23, 2010 is now officially “Massachusetts Entrepreneurship Day?”

On Tuesday February 23 I co-hosted an event with Governor Deval Patrick to announce a set of entrepreneurial initiatives around the “Mass It’s All Here” campaign. We were on the fourth floor at One Broadway in Cambridge, in what will be additional space for the Cambridge Innovation Center. The clear highlight was watching the Governor and the President of MIT, Susan Hockfield, fire a nail gun into the floor!

There were over 500 people in the raw space and the energy in the room was amazing. In this period of economic crisis, it has been wonderful to see the vibrancy and resiliency of the local tech community. Starting last summer there has been a stepped-up level of dialogue and engagement amongst innovators, executives and investors.

And in keeping with that, one of my pet initiatives for the next three months is VC “office hours” where 12 senior partners from some of the most active VC firms in town are making themselves available to the local community – no screening, simply first come, first serve. According to my math, that is 72 slots for entrepreneurs who want time with very active VC’s.

At the New England Venture Capital Association my agenda is how do we predictably, consistently build billion dollar venture-backed companies in the region; the first step in doing so is connecting people and capital. If you happen to grab one of those slots, let me know how it goes.


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2 responses to “Shooting a Nail Gun with the Governor

  1. This is truly a great idea and chance for entrepreneurs to meet up VC to discuss the business plan. I have booked for one of the available slots. Looking forward to this meeting

  2. thanks. let me know how it goes for you. yesterday’s kick-off session was great. CIC was a tremendous host

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